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Special aspects of the property market in Deauville and its region

Special aspects of the property market in Deauville and its region

Buying a house in Normandy is first of all understanding a new real-estate market. Because purchasing a villa in Deauville in the golden triangle is not the same approach as buying a house with a sea-view in Honfleur or a property in the countryside.

A property in Normandy may be situated in the center of Deauville with its “Right Bank” charm or in Trouville, more “Left Bank”. It may be in Honfleur with its artistic spirit, or also in Cabourg, so dear to Marcel Proust. It may also be in the countryside with typical manors or stud farms. Each environment has its character, its pleasant everyday life, its traditions.

Purchasing a property in Normandy is above all making the choice of an environment. To put a figure on the real-estate market in Normandy does not really bring a lot considering the numerous variables (the village or town, the condition of the building, the quality of the equipment, the exposure to the sun and amount of sunlight, the area of the land-plot, the facilities for recreation such as the swimming pool, parking, guard service, the environment and the neighbourhood…) : in the same street, two houses of the same area may be sold for a price varying with a ratio from one to two, one offering high volumes, a garden large enough for a swimming pool, South-West exposure, a quite large garage, whereas the other one having less hours of sunlight, not so well-distributed rooms and not as many facilities or equipments.

For an investment, DEAUVILLE has managed to remain a safe bet

The real-estate upmarket in Normandy has for some years now mostly belonged to owners independant from the economic system. As a matter of fact, the previous purchasers had acquired their properties with their own money and a limited bank loan. Moreover considering the independent way their patrimony is constituted, the property-owners of Normandy are rarely compelled to sell. Lastly, the campaigns organized to preserve the natural areas have led to a restriction of urban development, thus setting limits to the extension of building zones and to the erection of new constructions

Purchasing a property in Normandy is not only a financial investment but also a source of profit for the whole family with a real use value. It typically comes down to buying “a family house”. Only two hours away from Paris, Deauville and its region undoubtedly remain choice destinations for the Parisians and for the lovers of seashore nature.