Real estate prices

Deauville, «the 21st arrondissement of Paris », a safe bet

Over the years, Deauville remains a safe bet. Its proximity to Paris makes it particularly attractive, even for a week-end.

One hour away from Paris by car or by train, one away from London by plane, Deauville is within reach every time you feel like it. Its harnessed urbanization and preserved authenticity help to protect everyone’s quality of life and property value.

A market of diversified properties to meet all requests.

Real estate prices in Deauville and its region


The per-square footage varies according to the type of property, the plot size, the key features and their current state, sun-lighting, environmental noise a.s.o…. Here are a few examples concerning some properties for sale:

  • Ancient village-house including a yard or a small garden, the shops nearby, i.e. in the town center : 6,000 € per sqm, with a price fluctuation of 4,000 € to 8,000 € per sqm.

  • Country estate with a garden, a swimming pool (or possible), 3/4 bedrooms, beach or natural area nearby : an average price of 4,500 € per sqm, with a price fluctuation of 3,500 € to 5,500 € per sqm.

  • Beautiful town house with a garden, the shops nearby, 4/5 bedrooms, a swimming pool (or possible), parking lot or garage, lot of space : an average price of 6,500 € per sqm, which price may vary from 5,000 € up to 10,000 € per sqm.

  • Property of exception, seaside or with a view, offering beautiful credits or a great potential : an average price of 7,500 € per sqm, with a price variation of 5,500 € up to 12,000 €.

The properties at one this week


€ 3,150,000
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